Friday, 19 July 2013


This blog contains examples of ekphrasis verse in structured prose forms and will describe various pieces of art, paintings ,artist styles, art school genres and will be sometimes be  accompanied with some of my artwork to assist the reader/viewer and hopefully encourage others to pursue this poetic form which uniquely thus encompasses two forms of art.You can hear me recite my latest ekphrasis and see my art thereof on youtube under my pen name ichthyschiro.
(You may also be interested to read my unique Phrasis verse see my blog of that name,see the link in my detailed profile on this page)
All the poetry and art hereon is my copyright (2013) but maybe used for educational purposes provided appropriate acknowledgement is given to me and this blog and advice thereof made to me at


To paint oneself as others

see.Perhaps the most difficult

challenge in art, maybe, impossible

to fulfil.The mirror into which

we look,contains a bias,no outside

opinion may bridge or brook,sans

the experience of biographic

years to understand and thus

oftimes overlook.We see now

with autobio sight the lines and

furrows.Yesterdays that once

were tomorrows,etched deep

in lines watered by sweat and

tears and so our portrait will

inevitably visage our fears

weathered year upon year


Light to light which illumes

as colour fills our eyes and enters

our mood.To trigger stark sensations

colour floats on white,yellow

blue and red in parallel luminous

blocks.This conceptual mirror

meticulous,yet of the common

place, a still life set free in

pervading symbols of the night.

The senses merge to become a

dialogue, a commentary in words.

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